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Zaid Hassan
Zaid Hassan
Zaid is a facilitator and writer who is passionate about bridging divides and cultural re-generation. His work is focused on supporting individuals, communities and institutions who recognize that new approaches are needed in order to shift contemporary intractable situations. Over the last few years he has worked on catalysing systemic action on a wide range of issues, from financial systems, to agriculture and climate change.

Zaid helped found Reos Partners in 2007 where he serves as Managing Partner of the Oxford office. Reos Partners is an international organisation dedicated to supporting and building capacity for innovative collective action in complex social systems, which also has offices in Cambridge (MA), Johannesburg, Melbourne, Sao Paulo and San Francisco.

Zaid is currently a Strategic Advisor to the Climate Action Network (CAN), a global network of some 500 environmental NGOs, to the newly formed International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in Dhaka, Bangladesh and to the Global Initiative for Climate Based Adaptation (GICBA) a network focused on supporting the most vulnerable communities adapt to climate change. He is a Guest Lecturer at the KaosPilots, an innovative business school in Denmark. He is also currently writing a book entitled “Defending Culture” which articulates a theory of culture and considers active responses to the destruction of cultures.

He has been a contributing author to Worldchanging since it's launch. He has written for Worldchanging on social change, democracy, politics, education, the global food system and many other topics. His pieces have included a report on ten years of democracy in South Africa, Democracy Age 10, a progress report on the Lula government, in The Continuing Story of Lula as well as numerous shorter pieces. Zaid also writes for Shikshantar: The People’s Institute for Rethinking Development and Education based in Udaipur, India.

A native Londoner, Zaid grew up in India, the Middle East and England. He currently lives in Oxford.

E-mail me at london[at]reospartners[dot]com.
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