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Fiona Cox
Fiona Cox
Fiona C. Cox practices nonprofit and consumer protection law for her law firm in Seattle. She's been on the board of her family’s foundation, the Jonathan C.S. Cox Family Foundation, a nonprofit organized for the purpose of promoting education, for the last six years as Secretary & Chief Financial Officer. Fiona enjoys researching and connecting to other nonprofits through her role on her family’s board and as an attorney.

Fiona has spent considerable time throughout her career volunteering for nonprofit organizations. She currently provides one day a week of pro bono legal work to the Northwest Justice Project in their Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project.

She has traveled all over the world and lived in several different countries. She has long been interested in finding ways to support the environment – beginning with recycling projects when she was 17, and dedicating herself to the practice of “walk, bike, ride” more recently. She has been a vegetarian for many years, and became a vegan in 2008, when she realized the damage animal-based consumption does to the environment. She became mostly anti-consumerism, a few years ago, after reading about The Compact.

Recently, Fiona has become very interested in indigenous populations, and is working on a project based in Australia to bring attention to indigenous issues.

Fiona has published several articles locally and nationally.
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