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That rocks - buy a diamond, demine a field.
Cameron Sinclair, 21 Apr 05

Bringing up the word diamond usually results in two very different responses;
a. yes, of course I'll be yours forever or b. no way, I'll never marry someone as thoughtless as you. Don't you know diamonds cause violent conflict and the promote the terrible working conditions of mine workers.

I hate landmines, hey who doesn't, but for me it's a major issue... cheap to produce, expensive to remove and one of the worst weapons known to man.

Viola, here comes Igloo Diamonds. Not only mined ethically in Canada but they have partered with Adopt A Landmine with profits going to demining activities in Mozambique. That rocks!

Quite literally.

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Apollo diamond ( and ) proves you don't have to rape nature for diamond. They, very unfortunately, pun intended, have patented their research's discovery of a precipitative crystal growing from plasma cloud, and haven't exactly stormed down the gates when it comes to marketing, so their ripping DeBeers out of supremacy is slow in coming, but it's better than tearing up an ecosystem and geology, etc. And it's not as though DeBeers doesn't sit on a mountain of diamonds artificially milking demand, so actual mining may potentially have a karmic cushion, there, but not really. Anyways.

It's like agriculture and the push for food-grade cosmetics and home interiors, etc., where that nanotech should be replacing agricultural products, just like bioengineering ( ) already is replacing biotechnology, playing by nature's rules even if it uses some unorthodox techniques in doing it.

My personal opinion is that without a consumer culture embracing proper compensation while *rejecting* creator/originator/owner control, that all the advances in survivability for humanity in the world imaginable won't save us in time. Apollo needs to denounce its IP while maintaining record of its prior art to keep anyone *else* from locking them out, and ppl who take their techniques need to credit them and consumers need to care/ask about origination and search around (fine, it's impractical; allowing single parties to lock down ideas is a hell of a lot worse for us *all*) and make sure the ppl who actually did the research work, etc. get paid enough.

What better way than a blog or something to track all of this stuff, to maintain a live network of de facto authorized vendors? Just in the sense that consumers can't just write what I'm saying off as too impractical, even *without* the blog or whatever.

I'm not affiliated with Apollo and never have been, BTW. I'm not, like, some disgruntled former employee/associate or anything.

Posted by: dynamist on 22 Apr 05

Um, not that anybody even cares, given my other post's still the only one so far and the whole story's on the homepage so maybe nobody'll bother clicking to the story URL/page to even see this, I just want to make sure ppl don't think I'm ignoring the land mine thing. Use the proceeds Apollo had better pass on to you from their cheaper diamonds (even with research premium tacked on) to donate directly to Adopt a Landmine, no Canadian eco-destruction involved!

Posted by: dynamist on 22 Apr 05

Another option: buy used/vintage jewelry.

Posted by: jet on 24 Apr 05

My fiance and I had lengthy discussions on diamond issues before we got engaged. We ultimately decided that while tundra (Canadian) diamonds are pretty, it's easy for any bloke with a laser to fake the imprint and it's not really the diamond that counts anyway.

He got me a white sapphire, which is just as beautiful, if not more so. The money we saved will go toward a house! ;-) I couldn't be happier.

Posted by: Recently engaged and socially conscious on 26 Apr 05



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