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Solar iPod Charger
Alex Steffen, 3 Apr 04

Okay, okay, yes it's a toy, but so's my iPod (it is, in fact, my favorite toy at the moment). As long as we're going to be playing with electronics, why not make them sustainably-powered?

"Bird Electron is developing a solar iPod charger to go on limited sale from May. The unit very sensibly comes with a battery built in, meaning you can charge that during the day and plug your iPod into it overnight. At the moment it apparently takes two fine days to get a full charge, but they reckon a single day's worth should be enough to cover you for a shortish commute. Obviously it's going to take years before the electricity savings pay for the charger, but the idea here is ecology rather than economy. Man."
(thanks, Cory!)

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I can't imagine the idea of "ecology" by purchasing more silicon...

Posted by: mikeb on 3 Apr 04

It would be nice to get away from proprietary battery formats, or at least proprietary voltages. Seems unlikely though.

Posted by: x on 3 Apr 04

Ta hell with ecology, it's how to keep your tunes rollin' if you are stranded on a desert island - always take this item on plane and boat trips : )

Posted by: Rich on 14 May 04



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