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Alex Steffen, 14 Nov 03

The Renaissance Italians had a term, "terriblisma," by which they meant the strange, gratified awe one feels when beholding dreadful disasters and acts of God from afar. The term may be six hundred years old, but the sentiment could not be more contemporary. In fact, terriblisma is a quite native 21st Century aesthetic.

We're somewhat ashamed of it, but the fact is, we're fascinated as well as alarmed by what's happening to our planet and its climate. We find ourselves riveted by strange occurances and ominous portents - like giant squid growing to montrous sizes in the warming greenhouse waters of our oceans, or the gigantic and ancient Larsen B Ice Shelf collapsing in Antarctica. Our televisions and computers bring us 24-hour-a-day weather porn of the unprecendented floods, massive fires, sudden ice storms, freak winds, and ever-stronger hurricanes and typhoons which have swept the planet over the last decade. Now Hollywood is getting in on the act.

The silver screen's supreme homage to terriblisma, the movie The Day After Tomorrow, will hit theaters worldwide next Memorial Day with a vision of a sudden climatic snap triggering a new Ice Age. Terrible. Awful. Dreadful. Pass the popcorn.

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I am sure you have read William Calvin's article in the Atlantic, "The Great Climate Flip-Flop". If not, please do and
share with as many as possible.
I came to the article after reading "The Coming Global Superstorm", on which the movie "The Day after Tomorrow" is loosely based. My understanding is that this information has been a hot topic at the Global Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland..

Posted by: Peter Sinclair on 20 Nov 03

Yeah, I know Bill Calvin from living in Seattle and doing futurism stuff. That's an important article. Thanks for posting the link!

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 23 Nov 03

ronc ronc

Posted by: pig on 15 Jan 04



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