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Help Promote the New Worldchanging Book

It's been seven years in the making, but the new Worldchanging book is finally here. Now we need your help this week getting this young book on its feet. Not only do initial sales often determine how other booksellers treat the book (spurring bookstores to put the book in more visible locations, for instance), but initial buzz about a book...
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Worldchanging 2.0: Abuzz with New Solutions
The future of green is orange: within the 600 pages of the new Worldchanging book, you'll find the global sustainability...
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Urban Futures Speaker, Alex Steffen
Looking for a speaker for your upcoming conference, meeting or lecture series? Alex Steffen (Worldchanging's co-founder and editor, for...
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Future City Videos
As promised, here is the video footage from our recent Future City event. Thank you to Seattle Event Video for...
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The New Worldchanging Is Coming
Cameron Sinclair, 26 Oct 11 After a long hiatus we are coming back. In September my organization, Architecture for Humanity acquired Worldchanging and all its assets. Starting in November we will begin to merge this site with Open Architecture Network to create a robust and...

Announcing the New Worldchanging Book!
WorldChanging Team, 9 Nov 10 We are extremely pleased to be able to announce the new edition of Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century, to be released this spring (and already available for discount pre-order at Powell's, Barnes and Noble, Borders and...

Alex's Town Hall Seattle Talks
WorldChanging Team, 9 Nov 10 In 2009 Alex spoke at Town Hall Seattle over the course of two nights about how cities are the fulcrum point for leveraging a bright green future and how Seattle specifically could lead the way by targeting city-wide carbon neutrality...

Alex's Pop!Tech Talk
WorldChanging Team, 9 Nov 10 In 2006 Alex spoke at Pop!Tech about how the biggest barriers to building a sustainable planet are political, not technological. Here, he offers an actionable task list of challenges, ideas, products and services to help dematerialize the world. "What's our...
The Good News Paradox: Reflecting on the Human Development Index
Alex Aylett, 8 Nov 10 This year's Human Development Index (HDI) came out last week and it was full of good news. The HDI started out 20 years ago to provide a way of indexing development and progress that gives a fuller picture of human...
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